Old Town  san diego apartments RESERVATIONS

To make a reservation to live at Old Town Place, please complete and submit a Housing Request Form. Submitting a Housing Request Form is only a request. You are under no obligation to accept a Confirmation from Old Town Place. No payment is required to submit a Housing Request Form.

Each resident is required to submit a seperate Housing Request Form.

Placing a Housing Request - In 3 Steps


Please thoroughly review our website, particularly Floor plans, Descriptions and Photos and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


Thoroughly read our Confirmation Policy.

Confirmation Policy

  • By email, we will reply to your Housing Request within 48 hours.
  • Our email reply will be one of three types of Housing Confirmations: Temporary Confirmation, Tentative Confirmation, Waiting List Application.
  • When you have received a Temporary or Tentative Confirmation, you must respond before the reply date stated in the email in order to finalize or extend your reservation. If you do not contact us before the expiration date, your space will be released.
  • In order to receive your Final Confirmation, you will be required to pay Old Town Place a non-refundable $50 Reservation Confirmation Fee and a refundable $500 Holding Deposit.
  • Holding Deposit

    In order to confirm a space for you, we must receive a $500 Holding Deposit (refundable) which must be paid either by credit/debit card or check. We accept: Master Card, Visa and Discover. You may email or call us with your credit card number, expiration date and CVV number. The mailing address to send your Holding Deposit check to is: P.O. Box 120663, San Diego, CA 92112.

    Your Holding Deposit is refundable BEFORE moving into Old Town Place according to the following policies:

    1. It is refundable when Old Town Place cannot provide you with a Final Confirmation.
    2. It is refundable when you cancel your Housing Request prior to receiving a Final Confirmation from Old Town Place.
    3. It is Refundable if you cancel at least 45 days prior to your move-in date after receiving a Final Confirmation.
    4. It is Not refundable if you cancel less than 45 days prior to your move-in date after receiving a Final Confirmation.

    Security/Damage Deposit

  • The Security and Damage deposit is equal to one month's rent. Your $500 Holding Deposit will become part of your Security and Damage Deposit when you move into Old Town Place. Your $500 Holding Deposit will be deducted from your total required security deposit. This will leave you a remaining security deposit balance to be paid before your time of move-in. The balance of your deposit is due before, or at the same time, you pay your first months Move-In Invoice.
    Note: Same day move-ins. If you confirm a reservation for a same day move-in, the full Security and Damage deposit amount is due at the time of your Final Confirmation in order to receive your keys to the property. Your total deposit amount is fully refundable at time of move out.
  • Final Confirmation

  • Once we have processed your Reservation Confirmation Fee and Holding/Security & Damage Deposit, you will promptly receive a Final Confirmation email. This email will serve as a receipt for your payment and will provide move-in instructions for your arrival and a month-to-month rental agreement. The rental agreement must be signed and returned up to the end of the last business day before your scheduled move-in date.


Complete and submit an online Housing Request Form by clicking the button below.

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Print a PDF version of the Housing Request Form, complete, scan and email to info@oldtownplace.com.
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