Old Town  san diego apartments OLD TOWN PLACE RENTAL RATES

We have "true" monthly rent payments (see explanation below).
Rental rates inlcude: all utilities (water, gas, electricity), wireless Internet, cable TV, periodic maid service.
Rates and services are subject to change at anytime.

Rental Rates for Private Bedrooms in Shared Apartments

The house is shared between 3 residents. The apartments are shared between 2 to 4 residents. Each resident has his/her own private bedroom. All bedrooms are single occupancy.

Per Bedroom/Per Month Extra Night(s)
Single resident $819 - $992 Prorated daily, based on a 30-day month

The $924-$992 bedrooms have double beds and multiple windows. The $819 bedroom has a twin bed and a single window.

Roommate Matching: Roommates for each apartment will be arranged by Old Town Place by assigning one resident to each bedroom in an apartment. Newport Place does not match roommates for double occupancy bedrooms (1A and 1B) or studio apartments.

Click here to see our Room Inventory.

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Deposit and Fees

Old Town Place requires following deposit and fees in addition to the monthly rent, when applicable:

Holding/Security & Damage Deposit equivalent to a month rent (Refundable) - The Holding Deposit paid to confirm your reservation will become your Security & Damage Deposit when you move in. The Security & Damage Deposit is refundable when you move out of Newport Place.

$50 Reservation Confirmation Fee - This is an administrative fee for the reservation process. It is paid at the same time as your Holding Deposit.

$150 Rental Initiation Fee - Bedroom

$80 - $60 Room Transfer Fee (Optional) - This is a fee for for staff assistance to get you moved into a new bedroom, including the creation of amended lease documents.

$100 Furniture Fee (Optional) - This is a fee for residents of the studio apartments who want the full/double bed replaced with 2 twin/single beds.

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Methods of Payment

Old Town Place accepts the following methods for making rent payments:

  • Cash
  • Personal Check (US bank only)
  • Money Order/Bank Draft
  • Traveler's Checks
  • ACH payment
  • Credit or Debit Cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover)
    There will be a 3% convenience fee added to your rent bill when using a credit/debit card to make a rent payment.

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"True" Monthly Rent Payments Explained

Unlike our furnished housing competitors, Old Town Place charges you a "true" full month of rent. This means that rent is paid on the 1st day of the month and covers the entire month until the 1st day of the following month. The rental rate is the same whether it is a 28-, 30- or 31-day month.

We do not charge rent by the week. Because there are 4.3 weeks in an average month, our furnished housing competitors actually charge more rent for the same period of time.

How you pay more when paying on a weekly basis:

  • The month of May has 31 days = 4.43 weeks
  • Therefore, the month of May charged per week = 4 weeks + 3 nights of extra rent that you pay

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