Old Town  san diego apartments  HOUSE

One resident per bedroom.

Bed Type

  • Bedrooms A, B & C - Full/Double beds

Rates per Month

  • Bedroom A - $976
  • Bedroom B - $934
  • Bedroom C - $992


This cottage-style 3-bedroom house has front and rear entrances with its own driveway. There are restored hardwood floors throughout, ceiling fans in every room, and both a large kitchen and living room. Bedroom A has 2 windows: one that overlooks Jefferson Street. Bedroom B is next to the bathroom and also has 2 windows that overlook the back porch. Bedroom C is located in the back of the house off the kitchen and has 2 windows: one facing the apartments next door, and the other facing the back porch. All of the bedrooms, along with the kitchen and living room, have ceiling fans and hardwood floors.

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bed A bed B bed D