Old Town  san diego apartments  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

To help you make a fully informed decision about living at Old Town Place, we have categorized years of "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ's). Hundreds of prospective residents from around the world have made their decisions to live at the Newport Place/Old Town Place properties based on the content found at NewportPlace.com and OldTownPlace.com.

By using these FAQ's, our previous and current residents have become intimately familiar with Old Town Place without having to make telephone calls to any offices, visiting the property, placing a fax or sending emails to have questions answered. It is likely that you will find the answers to your questions by reading these Frequently Asked Questions closely.

Therefore, we will answer any additional questions you may have according to the following 3-Step process:

Step 1

We ask you to please thoroughly read our website.

Step 2

To answer your questions, we ask you to please find the answers in the relevant sections of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 3

Should you have additional questions beyond the content of our website and FAQ's, please email your questions. We will promptly reply with the answers.