Old Town  san diego apartments LOCATION MAP

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Old Town  san diego apartments DIRECTIONS TO OLD TOWN PLACE

San Diego International Airport

Old Town Place, 2377-2383 Jefferson Street, San Diego, CA 92110



Start out going East on N HARBOR DR.  
Turn LEFT onto WEST LAUREL ST Go 0.12 miles
Turn LEFT onto PACIFIC HIGHWAY Go 0.05 miles
Turn RIGHT onto WEST WASHINGTON ST Go 1.18 miles
Turn LEFT onto SAN DIEGO AVE. Go 0.39 miles
Merge onto I-5 NORTH via the ramp on the LEFT Go 0.19 miles
Take EXIT 19 toward OLD TOWN AVE. Go 0.30 miles
Stay STRAIGHT to go onto MOORE ST. Go 0.20 miles
Turn RIGHT onto ARISTA ST. Go 0.31 miles
Turn RIGHT onto JEFFERSON ST. Go 0.07 miles
End at 2383 JEFFERSON ST on your RIGHT  

Total Distance: 4.10 miles (6.6 km)

Total Estimated Time: 9 minutes